Thursday, July 28, 2011

Skin Types and Conditions

Over the next few weeks I will be publishing articles on different skin types and conditions, such as dry skin, oily/acne skin, sensitive skin and covering conditions like ageing skin, sensitised skin and how various Dermalogica products can help with these.  If anyone has a specific concern or skin type that they would like me to address please let me know

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Latest News

Dermalogica and the FITE Campaign

As you will know from the website, at Kokoro Beauty I use Dermalogica products for skin treatments, manicures & pedicures.  Dermalogica are celebrating 25 years in the skin health industry and all this year and next, are running a campaign with non-profit microfinance leader to help women entrepreneurs in developing countries access small loans to start or grow a business, which will help them on the path to Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship (FITE).

The way it works is simple – Dermalogica have selected five of their ‘hero’ or best selling products worldwide that benefit most clients, regardless of their skin condition for the FITE campaign.  These products – PreCleanse, Daily Microfoliant, Skin Hydrating Booster, Total Eye Care with SPF15 and Intensive Eye Repair – all have a unique sleeve with a redeemable code inside that allows YOU to help fund a microloan.  For every product purchased, Dermalogica will donate $1.00 to a woman in a developing country to help her grow or get a business started. 

Dermalogica are focusing on women entrepreneurs for many reasons, such as

  • When a woman develops her own sustainable business, not only does she improve her own situation – but also her entire community benefits through a multiplier effect of change.
  • Women are traditionally more likely to be denied a loan by a bank and often face high levels of financial discrimination.
  •  More than 70% of people who live below the poverty line are women.
  • When women have a sustainable trade or business, they can provide food and shelter for their families, as well as jobs for other men and women, truly stimulating their local economy. has pioneered a global platform in citizen philanthropy connecting lenders and borrowers in 119 countries across the world.  Microfinance is a revolutionary concept in lending, where entrepreneurs can access small loans to help start or grow a business.  Unlike traditional loans, microfinance loans are typically quite small (the average is around €250.00) and most often sought by someone who does not have a credit history or bank account.  When a loan is repaid, the funds from redeemed product codes are channelled back to Dermalogica’s account at Kiva.  These funds will then be re-loaned to another recipient.  Since the repayment rate of microloans averages above 98%, the funds in the FITE campaign will help entrepreneurs for years to come.

So, next time you purchase any of the five products mentioned above, make sure to logon to and enter the 12-digit code to really make a difference to the lives and welfare of a woman and her family in a developing country.  Remember also that all Dermalogica products at Kokoro Beauty are on sale at 15% below the recommended retail price.

If you want more information on this campaign check out and

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